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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services

In today’s market, efficient social media marketing enables a competitive edge in three different directions: building your brand, driving traffic and increasing sales. By using social platforms you can connect with your audience with quality content, original information, and fun ways.
The major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube and Snapchat.
Social media has also evolved over the years and where we would only see company news and content sharing a few years back, we now have a wide variety of ways to get great social media engagement. Depending on the size of your company, the profile of your customers, and your industry, different strategies will meet your specific needs: brand awareness, brand reinforcement, customer recognition, sales, engagement and the list goes on. Analyzing your progress is the second important step of every strategy. What results are you getting? How can we adjust and tweak to get better results? Social media marketing is also a great way of surprising your audience with approaches you wouldn’t be able to adopt through other channels.
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Brand Monitoring

By measuring brand awareness and vital statistics, we give you the push you need to get your brand high in the sky.

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Social Media Contests

Organizing giveaways through contests will get your brand recognized and will boost popularity creating a real buzz.

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Social Media Management

By organizing scheduled content publication on social media, you will measure, track and analyze the engagement you are producing with your audience.

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Setup & Custom Profile Design

By customizing your site, profile and presence online, you can target your outreach to get better results and meet your audience’s needs.

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Social Media Promotion


Content Marketing

Mastering the art of content marketing is the ability to engage with your audience through relevant information sparking curiosity and interest.

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Great Rankings

Let’s face it, all the things we do is for the ranking. It’s good to keep this long term goal in mind as there are so many ways to help get there.

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Vx Digital did a great job for our Website / mobile app solution. They were very patient and went through a gradual strategy with us. We’re sticking to them from now onwards.
Whittington Cars, UK.
We truly didn’t have a clue how to market our app and website. We chose them to develop the app and optimise our online presence. We are glad we chose them and have never turned back. Thanks.
Ambassador Fleet, UK.
Through content strategy and strong SEO, I have highly increased the amount of leads for my business. I have learnt a lot along the way with these guys. I am also preparing for my second project with Vx digital.
Feeding, New Caledonia.
Venturex digital have been very professional right from the start. I have and still am benefiting from their services.
Soncas Services
We’ve been working with them for a while now and they have always adapted their strategies to our various products and services. Highly recommended. Thanks to the whole team.
Tigra Financial Solutions
I was in talks for 3 months with these guys before jumping on board. Today I’m so satisfied with the results and the way we’re working together, that I am already thinking of a second project. I have not yet finished the first one! Cheers.
Soul Applications

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